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A Quick Introduction to sed(1)

The sed(1) stream editor is one of the most powerful tools from the classic Unix tool box. It is a close cousin to the ed(1) command line editor and a descendant of the ex(1) editor, the command line mode of … Continue reading

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Frontend Engineering

Despite all its shortcomings as a programming language, JavaScript isn’t a dirty word anymore. A decade ago, most self-respecting developers would refuse to even touch it, so it was left to web designers and junior developers who spiced up a few HTML pages … Continue reading

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Undoing Things With Git

Sometimes bad things happen in a software project and you have to revert a change that has already been committed. There are several ways to do this with Git, including Git’s slightly scary ability of changing history. I’ll show you … Continue reading

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Matplotlib: Plotting Bar Diagrams

A while ago we plotted time series data with Matplotlib. This worked nicely, but with the data at hand, a bar diagram would have looked much better. In this article I’ll give you a template for using bar diagrams with … Continue reading

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Mutt: “too many errors”

I’m probably one of the last people on earth who still use a text-mode mail client. Mutt has been my tool of choice for 15 years and apart from certain limitations (hey, it’s text mode!), I’ve never had any problems. … Continue reading

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Visualizing Package Dependencies

Managing module or package dependencies is an important design activity that helps to keep a software project maintainable. Visualizing these dependencies is a good way of getting a first impression on a project and for exposing design problems. In this … Continue reading

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Plotting Time Series Data with Matplotlib

It’s been a while since my last article on Matplotlib. Today we’re going to plot time series data for visualizing web page impressions, stock prices and the like over time.

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Changing the Number of Workspaces in Unity

In Ubuntu’s Unity, you get four workspaces per screen, arranged in two rows with two columns each. Fortunately, there’s a way to get more desktop space, but in Ubuntu 11.10 it takes a bit of searching.

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