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  1. Prometheus and Spring Boot Health Checks

    Published: Sun 24 June 2018
    By mafr

    In java.

    When trying to set up alerting for Spring Boot services with Prometheus, I discovered the synthetic "up" time series which is great for checking whether the monitoring system can reach my service instances. While this is a great thing, I also wanted to alert on the health status of my …

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  2. Spring Boot: Logging Failed Logins

    In many applications it's important to react to failed logins and other security-critical events, for example to log the failed login attempt to a file or to display a captcha after repeated failures. Spring-based applications come with a simple mechanism to access this kind of information using Application Events.

    Spring's …

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  3. Empty InputStream with Spring MVC

    The other day, I was trying to build a simple batch upload interface for a Java web application running Spring Boot with Spring MVC on Apache Tomcat. But when I tried reading the InputStream in my controller, it was always empty. Fortunately, this turned out to be quite easy to …

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  4. Resolving JARs

    Sometimes it's useful to check whether a local JAR file is available from Maven Central, for example when converting an old build system to Maven. In many old systems, JARs aren't named consistently and versioning info isn't available. Fortunately, Maven Central has a search interface that supports lookup by a …

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  5. Normalizing Text in Java

    Once in a while I see misguided attempts at normalizing text to make it suitable for use in URLs, file names, or other situations where a plain ASCII representation is desired. This can be tricky but with Java's excellent Unicode support and some background knowledge it is pretty easy to …

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  6. Installing Oracle's JDK on Debian/Ubuntu

    Due to licensing issues, Linux distributions don't ship Oracle Java packages anymore. In many cases, that doesn't matter since you can just use OpenJDK. But if you do need Oracle's JDK, Debian packages are a bit more convenient than handling tarballs because they integrate nicely with the rest of the …

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  7. Visualizing Package Dependencies

    Managing module or package dependencies is an important design activity that helps to keep a software project maintainable. Visualizing these dependencies is a good way of getting a first impression on a project and for exposing design problems. In this article we're going to create a basic visualization for a …

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