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  1. Eee PC Wireless Troubles

    Half a year ago, I bought an Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook. The first thing I did was wiping Windows XP off the disk and installing Ubuntu Jaunty Netbook Remix. When I bought the netbook, I knew support for the wireless chip (AR928X, according to lspci) was limited, but things …

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  2. An IMAP Configuration for Mutt

    Usually, I download all my email via fetchmail, sort it into folders using procmail and read the mails with mutt. This works reasonably well and I've been using this mail setup without major changes for about 10 years. Since I recently bought a netbook, I also wanted to read mails …

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  3. Understanding the find(1) Utility

    The Unix find(1) utility is a powerful tool, yet few people really understand how it works. It may be a bit confusing at first, but a programmer who knows his boolean algebra should be able to wrap his head around the basic concepts without much trouble.

    You've probably seen …

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  4. Rsync Backups For External Disks

    Virtually everybody agrees that backups are a good idea, but few people actually do them. Backup software is often time consuming to set up or just overkill for a single-user system. In this article I'll show how easy it is to build your own backup solution on Linux using rsync …

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  5. SSH Public Key Authentication

    A lot of people use SSH to log into remote hosts. SSH is secure and works well, but if you have to access many hosts with long, well-chosen passwords there is a lot of typing to do just for authentication.

    In this article I'll walk you through a basic public …

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  6. Controlling Firefox via Command Line

    Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox have inherited a useful feature from the good old Netscape Navigator: Controlling a running browser instance via the command line. Using command line options, you can open URLs or files inside your browser window without having to enter them in the address bar.

    Suppose you're working …

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