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Vim File Type Configuration

Vim has been my primary text editor for more than 15 years, but even though I use it on a daily basis, my configuration hasn’t changed much over time. When I set up a new workstation, I stumbled upon the … Continue reading

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A Template for Python Unix Utilities, Revisited

A long time ago, I posted a simple template for writing text-processing Unix utilities in Python. Since we’re not in 2009 anymore, I figured it’s time to port it to Python 3.

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Undoing Things With Git

Sometimes bad things happen in a software project and you have to revert a change that has already been committed. There are several ways to do this with Git, including Git’s slightly scary ability of changing history. I’ll show you … Continue reading

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Maven Archetypes Updated!

Two years ago, I published a Maven archetype for Hadoop that turned out to be quite popular, judging from the comments I received and the access logs on my server. Today I’ve updated it to use the latest version of … Continue reading

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Filtering DZone RSS Feeds with Yahoo! Pipes

I read a lot of RSS feeds to keep myself up to date. Perhaps too many, almost two hundred articles appear in my Google Reader each day. One of the most busy ones is the DZone front page feed. Not … Continue reading

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Professional Deployment and Operation of Web Applications

There are millions of web applications on the Internet that are under constant development. Paying software developers to work on bug fixes and new features is quite expensive already, but what’s often neglected is the cost for deployment and operation. … Continue reading

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A Metadata Format For CSV Files

Using CSV files in batch processing applications has many advantages, most prominently interoperability between programming languages and tools. One of its weaker points is data integrity though. The format has no way to declare data types or additional metadata other … Continue reading

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SSH Public Key Authentication

A lot of people use SSH to log into remote hosts. SSH is secure and works well, but if you have to access many hosts with long, well-chosen passwords there is a lot of typing to do just for authentication. … Continue reading

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