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  1. Hudson vs. Jenkins Revisited

    When the Hudson/Jenkins fork was announced earlier this year, the case seemed pretty clear. There were heroes from the Open Source community, among them Hudson's original author, and there was everybody's favorite villain, Oracle. Back in February, I would have chosen Jenkins without a second thought. Now, almost a …

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  2. Efficient Development Environment Setup

    Development environments and their configuration can become quite complex. It's not unusual that a complete workstation setup takes half a day or more and requires extensive help from other project members. Using virtual machines for the runtime environment can help to reduce setup and maintenance costs.

    For large Java web …

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  3. Professional Deployment and Operation of Web Applications

    There are millions of web applications on the Internet that are under constant development. Paying software developers to work on bug fixes and new features is quite expensive already, but what's often neglected is the cost for deployment and operation. Well-run organizations invest in their deployment and runtime infrastructure and …

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  4. The State of Java Build Systems

    Most people eventually get it that building release artifacts using their IDEs is not the way to nirvana. Builds have to stay stable and reproducible between IDE revisions, and being able to execute them in a command line environment or especially continuous integration servers is key to agile development.

    Fortunately …

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