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Professional Deployment and Operation of Web Applications

There are millions of web applications on the Internet that are under constant development. Paying software developers to work on bug fixes and new features is quite expensive already, but what’s often neglected is the cost for deployment and operation. … Continue reading

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The State of Java Build Systems

Most people eventually get it that building release artifacts using their IDEs is not the way to nirvana. Builds have to stay stable and reproducible between IDE revisions, and being able to execute them in a command line environment or … Continue reading

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Generating DDL Scripts from JPA Annotations with Maven

A while ago I posted an article that showed how to generate a database schema from JPA annotations. Since I didn’t get the hibernate3 maven plugin working back then I used the antrun plugin as a workaround. Thanks to the … Continue reading

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Creating a Minimal Enterprise Application with Maven

Setting up a Java EE application is no trivial task. Dependency management, building, and deployment can get pretty complex and require a thorough understanding of deployment descriptors, jars, ears and other artifacts. In this article, I’m going to present a … Continue reading

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Using the Maven Source Plugin

When using an ordinary jar library, IDEs like Eclipse’s JDE don’t have enough information to display inline javadocs for referenced classes. You have to manually direct Eclipse to the library’s source code to take advantage of inline documentation. Maven’s source … Continue reading

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Generating DDL Scripts with Maven

Java’s persistence API (JPA) makes object-relational mapping very convenient. Using Hibernate, tables and sequences are generated automatically which speeds up development significantly. However, in production systems automatic schema creation isn’t desired. In many cases you would want to tune the … Continue reading

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Building RPMs Without Root Access

This week at work I had the opportunity to build an RPM for some third-party software package. My previous experiences with RPM date back to SuSE 5 almost ten years ago and I haven’t touched it ever since. Packaging for … Continue reading

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