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Mirroring an Apt Repository

When setting up a Hadoop cluster using Debian packages, it’s often useful to work with a local mirror. In this article, I’ll walk you through creating an apt mirror for Cloudera’s Hadoop distribution.

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Deploying to Tomcat From Maven Builds

It’s quite common to deploy web applications from a nightly continuous integration job to a testing server. In my case, I want to deploy a Java web application to a remote Tomcat server from a Maven build. Enter Cargo, a … Continue reading

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Maven: Building a Self-Contained Hadoop Job

Non-trivial Hadoop jobs usually have dependencies that go beyond those provided by the Hadoop runtime environment. That means, if your job needs additional libraries you have to make sure they are on Hadoop’s classpath as soon as the job is … Continue reading

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Simplifying Server Deployment

Configuring servers is tedious work if you operate a cluster of more than a few machines (if you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard about it). I’ve created a simple deployment framework that helps with building deployment packages based on central … Continue reading

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Django on Google App Engine

I’m back to playing with the Django web development framework again. Since I’m close to putting something online (it’s only a matter of years, actually), I’m also looking into hosting options. Due to the framework choice, Google App Engine appeared … Continue reading

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Professional Deployment and Operation of Web Applications

There are millions of web applications on the Internet that are under constant development. Paying software developers to work on bug fixes and new features is quite expensive already, but what’s often neglected is the cost for deployment and operation. … Continue reading

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Building RPMs Without Root Access

This week at work I had the opportunity to build an RPM for some third-party software package. My previous experiences with RPM date back to SuSE 5 almost ten years ago and I haven’t touched it ever since. Packaging for … Continue reading

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Lightweight Package Management using Stow

Package management tools like apt-get make it very easy to install and remove software. The package manager takes care of downloading the package together with its dependencies if, of course, someone has taken the time to create a package and … Continue reading

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