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  1. Hudson vs. Jenkins Revisited

    When the Hudson/Jenkins fork was announced earlier this year, the case seemed pretty clear. There were heroes from the Open Source community, among them Hudson's original author, and there was everybody's favorite villain, Oracle. Back in February, I would have chosen Jenkins without a second thought. Now, almost a …

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  2. Development Done Right

    In my projects, I've always been the one who took care of infrastructure, standardization and quality assurance from the development perspective. The funny thing is that I'm no admin and no QA guy, so most of it wasn't even my job. In this article, I'm going to list a few …

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  3. The State of Java Build Systems

    Most people eventually get it that building release artifacts using their IDEs is not the way to nirvana. Builds have to stay stable and reproducible between IDE revisions, and being able to execute them in a command line environment or especially continuous integration servers is key to agile development.

    Fortunately …

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  4. Creating a Minimal Enterprise Application with Maven

    Setting up a Java EE application is no trivial task. Dependency management, building, and deployment can get pretty complex and require a thorough understanding of deployment descriptors, jars, ears and other artifacts.

    In this article, I'm going to present a truly minimal Maven-based setup for the JBoss Application Server (tested …

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