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  1. Frontend Engineering

    Despite all its shortcomings as a programming language, JavaScript isn't a dirty word anymore. A decade ago, most self-respecting developers would refuse to even touch it, so it was left to web designers and junior developers who spiced up a few HTML pages with dispensable functionality. It's amazing how the …

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  2. Normalizing Text in Java

    Once in a while I see misguided attempts at normalizing text to make it suitable for use in URLs, file names, or other situations where a plain ASCII representation is desired. This can be tricky but with Java's excellent Unicode support and some background knowledge it is pretty easy to …

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  3. The State of Java Build Systems

    Most people eventually get it that building release artifacts using their IDEs is not the way to nirvana. Builds have to stay stable and reproducible between IDE revisions, and being able to execute them in a command line environment or especially continuous integration servers is key to agile development.

    Fortunately …

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  4. Simple Error Handling in C

    Currently I've got the pleasure to do some coding in C. There's nothing wrong with that, but things can get a bit uncomfortable for those spoilt by languages like Python or Java. So it's nice to have a library of useful functions from various areas, which I accumulated over the …

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