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  1. Matplotlib: Plotting Bar Diagrams

    A while ago we plotted time series data with Matplotlib. This worked nicely, but with the data at hand, a bar diagram would have looked much better. In this article I'll give you a template for using bar diagrams with time series data. This builds on the work we did …

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  2. Simple Web Services With Bottle

    Recently I rediscovered Bottle, a Python-based micro framework for web applications. Bottle gives you full control over your URLs, has a simple built-in templating engine and a lot of other commonly used stuff. It takes you five minutes to get started and perhaps one hour with its great documentation to …

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  3. Fun with Context Managers

    Sometimes I need a simple stop watch in my Python scripts to find out how expensive my code is in wall clock time. The problem is trivial to solve, but I thought I'd give it a try using Python's with statement and a context manager.

    Previously, my code looked like …

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  4. Plotting with Matplotlib

    For a long time, Gnuplot has been my tool of choice for plotting diagrams. The diagrams it produces out of the box look very scientific, but it takes a lot of tweaking to produce something that's visually pleasing. I got used to Gnuplot's weird ways but I was never entirely …

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