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Detecting HTTP/2 Support

Thanks to Ubuntu 16.04 which includes a fairly recent Nginx version, I have now enabled HTTP/2 on my private server. Of course, I also wanted to verify whether my configuration change had any effect – after all, there is no visible change … Continue reading

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A Template for Python Unix Utilities, Revisited

A long time ago, I posted a simple template for writing text-processing Unix utilities in Python. Since we’re not in 2009 anymore, I figured it’s time to port it to Python 3.

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Matplotlib: Plotting Bar Diagrams

A while ago we plotted time series data with Matplotlib. This worked nicely, but with the data at hand, a bar diagram would have looked much better. In this article I’ll give you a template for using bar diagrams with … Continue reading

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Simple Web Services With Bottle

Recently I rediscovered Bottle, a Python-based micro framework for web applications. Bottle gives you full control over your URLs, has a simple built-in templating engine and a lot of other commonly used stuff. It takes you five minutes to get … Continue reading

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Scikit-learn: Feature Extraction From Text

I’ve been playing with scikit-learn recently, a machine learning package for Python. While there’s great documentation on many topics, feature extraction isn’t one of them. My use case was to turn article tags (like I use them on my blog) … Continue reading

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Plotting Time Series Data with Matplotlib

It’s been a while since my last article on Matplotlib. Today we’re going to plot time series data for visualizing web page impressions, stock prices and the like over time.

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Delicious shutting down?

Yesterday, I was quite surprised when I head rumors that Delicious, my favorite link sharing site, is shutting down. According to their blog, they are looking for a way to continue the service outside of Yahoo, but it’s better to … Continue reading

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The Future of python-musicbrainz2

I started the python-musicbrainz2 project in January 2006 as the first client library to the newly designed MusicBrainz XML web service. It has been my first Python project and I learned quite a lot in the process. Now MusicBrainz is … Continue reading

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