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Quick Tip #2: Set Operations Using Shell Tools

Everybody knows that Unix shell utilities are powerful. Even though they’re text-based, you can build a lot of useful things outside of the text domain. Today I’ll show you how to implement set operations. All we need are sorted files … Continue reading

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Google Code: Migrating to Mercurial

Although one could have guessed otherwise, I’ve always been a happy Subversion user. Which former CVS user hasn’t? But now I’m ready to take the next step. For some of my personal stuff I’ve been using Mercurial for more than … Continue reading

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Subversion 1.5 Merging Massacres

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Subversion 1.5 on a medium sized project. Since there were more than 20 developers working on the project with some of them in a different country, there was no other way than … Continue reading

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Filtering DZone RSS Feeds with Yahoo! Pipes

I read a lot of RSS feeds to keep myself up to date. Perhaps too many, almost two hundred articles appear in my Google Reader each day. One of the most busy ones is the DZone front page feed. Not … Continue reading

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Subversion: Externals Definitions

Externals definitions are a little known but very useful feature of subversion. Using an externals definition, you can create links to different parts of the repository (or even other repositories). Subversion clients then automatically check out the linked content into … Continue reading

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Understanding the find(1) Utility

The Unix find(1) utility is a powerful tool, yet few people really understand how it works. It may be a bit confusing at first, but a programmer who knows his boolean algebra should be able to wrap his head around … Continue reading

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Rsync Snapshot Backups Revisited

A while ago, I blogged about my self-made backup solution, a simple shell script using rsync to create snapshot backups. This wasn’t my first attempt at establishing backups for my private workstation but the most successful one so far. The … Continue reading

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Quick Tip #1: Implicit FIFOs in Bash

One could assume that I have run out of material and retreat to safer ground, but far from it. From now on I’ll just throw in a few quick shell hacks hoping some of you don’t know them yet. So, … Continue reading

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