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Hudson vs. Jenkins Revisited

When the Hudson/Jenkins fork was announced earlier this year, the case seemed pretty clear. There were heroes from the Open Source community, among them Hudson’s original author, and there was everybody’s favorite villain, Oracle. Back in February, I would have … Continue reading

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Sharing Files Revisited

It’s amazing how sometimes problems solve themselves. Since my last article, I got a new home router (a FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7320) that nicely solves the problem of accessing network devices with dynamic addresses even without Zeroconf.

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Sharing Files With Android Devices

Occasionally I want to transfer a file from my Linux desktop machine to one of my Android-based devices via my home network. Shouldn’t be a problem, there are lots of networking protocols for this, right? In practice, many solutions you … Continue reading

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Switching Displays via Keyboard Shortcuts

When I’m at my desk I use an external LCD monitor with my netbook. I’m glad that switching displays finally works on Linux, but even on Ubuntu it takes a lot of clicks in the Monitors menu. Fortunately, I found … Continue reading

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A Maven Archetype for Hadoop Jobs

In my last article I showed how to build a Hadoop job that contains all its dependencies. To make things even easier, I created a Maven archetype that turns project setup into a simple 30 second process.

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Quick Tip #4: Sorting Large Files

With traditional Unix sort(1), the size of the files you can sort is limited by the amount of available main memory. As soon as the file gets larger and your system has to swap, performance degrades significantly. Even GNU sort … Continue reading

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Plotting with Matplotlib

For a long time, Gnuplot has been my tool of choice for plotting diagrams. The diagrams it produces out of the box look very scientific, but it takes a lot of tweaking to produce something that’s visually pleasing. I got … Continue reading

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An IMAP Configuration for Mutt

Usually, I download all my email via fetchmail, sort it into folders using procmail and read the mails with mutt. This works reasonably well and I’ve been using this mail setup without major changes for about 10 years. Since I … Continue reading

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