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Google Music

My Nexus 4 and 7 devices don’t ship with an old school MP3 player anymore. After trying lots and lots of players (all of which I didn’t like), I ended up with Google Music, which is pre-installed on all Nexus … Continue reading

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Remote-Controlling a Sonos Device Using Python

I couple of months ago I bought a Sonos Play:1, a pretty cool wireless speaker that comes with free controller apps for major platforms (Android, Windows etc.). To give the speaker access to my music collection, I hooked up a … Continue reading

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Transcoding Files to Ogg Vorbis

I’ve got a nice MP3 player from Samsung with 2 GB of flash memory. That’s very little and I can never decide which files to keep and which to delete. Fortunately, the player also supports Ogg Vorbis files that require … Continue reading

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