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JBoss: Running Multiple Instances on One Host

Occasionally, it’s useful to run multiple JBoss instances on one machine. Like with any network server, this is difficult because only one application can bind to a port at any given time. You have to assign different sets of ports … Continue reading

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Excluding Pages From Authentication

Java’s Servlet spec allows web applications to delegate authentication and authorization to the servlet container, a mechanism known as container-based security. A lot of people use it for in-house applications or web services because it’s simple and containers like Tomcat … Continue reading

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Enabling JMX Access on Tomcat

I think every Java application in production should enable JMX access. Without JMX, there’s little chance to debug JVM-level problems, especially those related to out of memory errors. Even if your application doesn’t export its own MBeans for monitoring, you … Continue reading

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Deploying to Tomcat From Maven Builds

It’s quite common to deploy web applications from a nightly continuous integration job to a testing server. In my case, I want to deploy a Java web application to a remote Tomcat server from a Maven build. Enter Cargo, a … Continue reading

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Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2010

This week I attended Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2010, a two-day event aimed at software developers. The conference offered two tracks, one on search and the other one on NoSQL systems. Typical attendees seemed to be MacBook-wielding, twittering lifestyle geeks, often … Continue reading

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Using TCP for Low-Latency Applications

Last week I ran into a nasty little problem while implementing an application with soft real-time requirements. I was aiming at 1 ms or less for a TCP-based request-response roundtrip on a local network. Should be trivial, but why did … Continue reading

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Apache 2.2 and Digest Authentication

A few weeks ago I wanted to enable digest authentication on an Apache 2.2 web server. I got basic authentication working within minutes, but I didn’t want to send plain text passwords over the web, so how difficult could it … Continue reading

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Simplifying Server Deployment

Configuring servers is tedious work if you operate a cluster of more than a few machines (if you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard about it). I’ve created a simple deployment framework that helps with building deployment packages based on central … Continue reading

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