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Apache 2.2 and Digest Authentication

A few weeks ago I wanted to enable digest authentication on an Apache 2.2 web server. I got basic authentication working within minutes, but I didn’t want to send plain text passwords over the web, so how difficult could it … Continue reading

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Simplifying Server Deployment

Configuring servers is tedious work if you operate a cluster of more than a few machines (if you’re a regular reader, you’ve heard about it). I’ve created a simple deployment framework that helps with building deployment packages based on central … Continue reading

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Saving Session Data in Web Applications

There are many ways to store session data in web applications. They all differ in scalability, failover capabilities, and complexity. I’ll give you a quick rundown on the major themes.

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Professional Deployment and Operation of Web Applications

There are millions of web applications on the Internet that are under constant development. Paying software developers to work on bug fixes and new features is quite expensive already, but what’s often neglected is the cost for deployment and operation. … Continue reading

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Why Do We Build Web Applications?

Creating a good user interface is no trivial task, no matter if it’s running as a desktop application or inside a browser. When it comes to accessing server-side resources (a common thing in the corporate world) web applications seem to … Continue reading

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Writing a Minimal Web Server in Python

Copying files from one host in your home network to another is easy using protocols like NFS or SMB. But if you just want to transfer a couple of files to a friend’s computer in a foreign network, you have … Continue reading

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