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Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2010

This week I attended Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2010, a two-day event aimed at software developers. The conference offered two tracks, one on search and the other one on NoSQL systems. Typical attendees seemed to be MacBook-wielding, twittering lifestyle geeks, often … Continue reading

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CAP, Consistent Hashing, etc.

I’ve been reading up on distributed systems again. For quite a while, my monthly copy of CACM has been my only connection to computer science topics. This time, I followed a few references and came across interesting concepts (most of … Continue reading

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Creating HTML Reports with Oracle’s SQL*Plus (Part 2)

In the previous posting I gave an example on how to create an HTML report using Oracle’s sqlplus tool. This time, we’ll extend this example to demonstrate more of sqlplus’ features.

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Creating HTML Reports with Oracle’s SQL*Plus

Oracle’s sqlplus command line utility feels a bit antiquated for spoilt open source users. But with a bit of tweaking, you can generate nice database reports in HTML. Sure, the syntax is arcane, but if you’re used to Perl you … Continue reading

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