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Hudson vs. Jenkins Revisited

When the Hudson/Jenkins fork was announced earlier this year, the case seemed pretty clear. There were heroes from the Open Source community, among them Hudson’s original author, and there was everybody’s favorite villain, Oracle. Back in February, I would have … Continue reading

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Books on Software Design

A colleague asked me to recommend some books on software design. That’s a good opportunity to have a look at this particular part of my bookshelf and select a few highlights. As usual, you can’t go wrong by reading Fowler, … Continue reading

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Software Developers: You Need Computer Science Education!

Computer science and software development are two entirely different things. The former is a science, the latter is mostly craftsmanship, still struggling to become an engineering discipline in its own right. Being a good computer scientist doesn’t make you a … Continue reading

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Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2010

This week I attended Berlin Buzzwords Conference 2010, a two-day event aimed at software developers. The conference offered two tracks, one on search and the other one on NoSQL systems. Typical attendees seemed to be MacBook-wielding, twittering lifestyle geeks, often … Continue reading

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Are Link-Sharing Services Irrelevant?

You can use RSS to easily follow a few high-profile websites and link sharing services like Slashdot or Digg to discover popular web content. But that’s like reading a classic newspaper and some magazines: The information provided may have a … Continue reading

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Subversion 1.5 Merging Massacres

Recently, I had the opportunity to work with Subversion 1.5 on a medium sized project. Since there were more than 20 developers working on the project with some of them in a different country, there was no other way than … Continue reading

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A Case for Guard Clauses

One of my pet peeves in programming is that few people use guard clauses. A guard clause is an almost trivial concept that greatly improves readability. Inside a method, handle your special cases right away and return immediately.

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