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Excluding Pages From Authentication

Java’s Servlet spec allows web applications to delegate authentication and authorization to the servlet container, a mechanism known as container-based security. A lot of people use it for in-house applications or web services because it’s simple and containers like Tomcat … Continue reading

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Delicious shutting down?

Yesterday, I was quite surprised when I head rumors that Delicious, my favorite link sharing site, is shutting down. According to their blog, they are looking for a way to continue the service outside of Yahoo, but it’s better to … Continue reading

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Into the Future with IPv6

2011 may not be the year when IPv4 addresses finally run out, but the reserves are running low enough to warrant large IPv6 transition projects. Access providers and domain hosters will see the effects first because the growth of their … Continue reading

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Are Link-Sharing Services Irrelevant?

You can use RSS to easily follow a few high-profile websites and link sharing services like Slashdot or Digg to discover popular web content. But that’s like reading a classic newspaper and some magazines: The information provided may have a … Continue reading

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Apache 2.2 and Digest Authentication

A few weeks ago I wanted to enable digest authentication on an Apache 2.2 web server. I got basic authentication working within minutes, but I didn’t want to send plain text passwords over the web, so how difficult could it … Continue reading

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Saving Session Data in Web Applications

There are many ways to store session data in web applications. They all differ in scalability, failover capabilities, and complexity. I’ll give you a quick rundown on the major themes.

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Filtering DZone RSS Feeds with Yahoo! Pipes

I read a lot of RSS feeds to keep myself up to date. Perhaps too many, almost two hundred articles appear in my Google Reader each day. One of the most busy ones is the DZone front page feed. Not … Continue reading

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Why Do We Build Web Applications?

Creating a good user interface is no trivial task, no matter if it’s running as a desktop application or inside a browser. When it comes to accessing server-side resources (a common thing in the corporate world) web applications seem to … Continue reading

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