1. Are Link-Sharing Services Irrelevant?

    You can use RSS to easily follow a few high-profile websites and link sharing services like Slashdot or Digg to discover popular web content. But that's like reading a classic newspaper and some magazines: The information provided may have a higher chance of being relevant to you, but there's still …

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  2. Apache 2.2 and Digest Authentication

    A few weeks ago I wanted to enable digest authentication on an Apache 2.2 web server. I got basic authentication working within minutes, but I didn't want to send plain text passwords over the web, so how difficult could it be?

    I followed some tutorial on the net but …

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  3. Saving Session Data in Web Applications

    There are many ways to store session data in web applications. They all differ in scalability, failover capabilities, and complexity. I'll give you a quick rundown on the major themes.

    Session Data on the Client

    You can often implement simple personalization features or workflows by storing state on the client …

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  4. Why Do We Build Web Applications?

    Creating a good user interface is no trivial task, no matter if it's running as a desktop application or inside a browser. When it comes to accessing server-side resources (a common thing in the corporate world) web applications seem to be the first choice nowadays. You have complete control over …

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  5. Using ReStructured Text with WordPress

    Writing long documents in a browser input box isn't the most pleasant thing to do. The WordPress builtin editor makes things even more inconvenient by forcing you to write your articles in HTML. It would be pretty cool if you could edit articles in a simple, readable format using your …

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  6. Bookmarkable Pages with JSF

    In many applications it is a requirement to link to pages that accept arguments via HTTP-GET parameters. Over the last few months I've been working with Seam quite a bit, where it is pretty easy to create bookmarkable pages. In fact, this use case is so common that it is …

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