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Two-Factor Authentication

With more and more of my personal data being hosted in the cloud, I felt that I needed to take security more seriously. Since passwords are the weakest link in most systems, I was looking for a better solution. While … Continue reading

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Building a Web-Based Java API Search

From time to time I play with web technologies to keep up with recent developments. While I know my network protocols pretty well, I’m not a frontend developer so I’m pretty useless when it comes to JavaScript or CSS. I … Continue reading

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Setting Up a Web Proxy with Squid

Setting up a Squid forward proxy can be a pretty daunting task since Squid is an extremely flexible piece of software. In this article, I’m going to provide a minimal non-caching, authenticated configuration. I have tested this with Squid 3.1.12 … Continue reading

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Simple Web Services With Bottle

Recently I rediscovered Bottle, a Python-based micro framework for web applications. Bottle gives you full control over your URLs, has a simple built-in templating engine and a lot of other commonly used stuff. It takes you five minutes to get … Continue reading

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Five Years of Blogging

When I started this blog in December 2006, I didn’t think I’d keep going for five years. Now, more than a hundred articles later, there’s still no shortage of topics to write about. Five years is like eternity in my … Continue reading

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“Cannot fork”

From time to time, the virtual server I rented acted up. When logging into the system, I would get error messages indicating the server wasn’t able to create any more processes: “cannot fork”. This was weird because ps(1) showed only … Continue reading

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Moving to blog.mafr.de

This blog has been running for four and a half years now. That’s quite a while in internet time, so I’ve decided to move it to my own domain at https://blog.mafr.de/ (the old URL will be valid indefinitely, though). Since … Continue reading

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OpenID Delegation

OpenID is a great concept but what I don’t like is that I tie myself to a specific identity provider. Suppose the provider goes out of business or doesn’t support OpenID anymore. Of course, I could set up my own … Continue reading

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