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Google Collections Reaching 1.0

Exciting news for Java developers: The first 1.0 release candidate of Google Collections has been released. For almost a year I’ve been waiting for this, and now it seems the waiting will soon be over.

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Using GridGain’s Topology SPI

On a GridGain cluster, you sometimes want to execute your jobs on only a subset of the nodes available: those nodes meeting a given condition. Let’s say some nodes run an expensive piece of thirdparty software that is (fortunately) only … Continue reading

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Easing Configuration with Spring Beans

Handling configuration data in Java isn’t as convenient as it could be. The old and popular Properties mechanism has an awkward syntax and you have to take care of type safety yourself. The new Preferences mechanism supports XML but still … Continue reading

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Bookmarkable Pages with JSF

In many applications it is a requirement to link to pages that accept arguments via HTTP-GET parameters. Over the last few months I’ve been working with Seam quite a bit, where it is pretty easy to create bookmarkable pages. In … Continue reading

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Controlling Rhythmbox using D-Bus

On GNOME desktops, the D-Bus IPC standard has superseded the CORBA-based approach. Using D-Bus, the operating system can notify the desktop about hardware changes and applications can communicate with each other in a standardized, simple manner. Using signals it is … Continue reading

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