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Sharing Files Revisited

It’s amazing how sometimes problems solve themselves. Since my last article, I got a new home router (a FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7320) that nicely solves the problem of accessing network devices with dynamic addresses even without Zeroconf.

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Sharing Files With Android Devices

Occasionally I want to transfer a file from my Linux desktop machine to one of my Android-based devices via my home network. Shouldn’t be a problem, there are lots of networking protocols for this, right? In practice, many solutions you … Continue reading

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Moving to blog.mafr.de

This blog has been running for four and a half years now. That’s quite a while in internet time, so I’ve decided to move it to my own domain at https://blog.mafr.de/ (the old URL will be valid indefinitely, though). Since … Continue reading

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JBoss: Running Multiple Instances on One Host

Occasionally, it’s useful to run multiple JBoss instances on one machine. Like with any network server, this is difficult because only one application can bind to a port at any given time. You have to assign different sets of ports … Continue reading

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Into the Future with IPv6

2011 may not be the year when IPv4 addresses finally run out, but the reserves are running low enough to warrant large IPv6 transition projects. Access providers and domain hosters will see the effects first because the growth of their … Continue reading

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Using TCP for Low-Latency Applications

Last week I ran into a nasty little problem while implementing an application with soft real-time requirements. I was aiming at 1 ms or less for a TCP-based request-response roundtrip on a local network. Should be trivial, but why did … Continue reading

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Writing a Minimal Web Server in Python

Copying files from one host in your home network to another is easy using protocols like NFS or SMB. But if you just want to transfer a couple of files to a friend’s computer in a foreign network, you have … Continue reading

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