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New Project: JSysTest

I love unit tests and use them whenever possible. But in the end, there’s no substitute for a full scale system test. Only after system testing, you can be sure that everything works as intended. When I was looking for … Continue reading

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CAP, Consistent Hashing, etc.

I’ve been reading up on distributed systems again. For quite a while, my monthly copy of CACM has been my only connection to computer science topics. This time, I followed a few references and came across interesting concepts (most of … Continue reading

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Using GridGain’s Topology SPI

On a GridGain cluster, you sometimes want to execute your jobs on only a subset of the nodes available: those nodes meeting a given condition. Let’s say some nodes run an expensive piece of thirdparty software that is (fortunately) only … Continue reading

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A Quick Look at GridGain

This weekend I finally had the time to take a look at GridGain, a computational grid package written in and for Java. GridGain is a an open source product licensed under LGPL-2.1 (the same as JBoss) with minor portions under … Continue reading

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