Eee PC Wireless Troubles

Half a year ago, I bought an Asus Eee PC 1000HE netbook. The first thing I did was wiping Windows XP off the disk and installing Ubuntu Jaunty Netbook Remix. When I bought the netbook, I knew support for the wireless chip (AR928X, according to lspci) was limited, but things worked most of the time. Unfortunately, things changed with Ubuntu Karmic.

After waking the netbook up from hibernation, I couldn’t get a proper network connection (no error message from the graphical network manager though). I found out that I had to reinitialize the driver by reloading the kernel module:

  sudo rmmod ath9k
  sudo modprobe ath9k

To save me the typing, I wrote a script and registered it with the power manager. It is executed each time the system is put to sleep and wakes up. It’s a workaround but it’s better than nothing.

Apparently things will improve for the Atheros chips in kernel 2.6.32 (which will be in 10.04), so I won’t bother trying the Windows driver with ndiswrapper.

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