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  1. Getting Started With Existing Code

    Software developers often have to work with existing code bases, whether it's for joining an ongoing development effort or for maintenance work on a legacy application. Getting familiar with foreign code takes time and can be a frustrating experience. In this article I'm going to describe my strategies for getting …

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  2. Effective E-Mail Processing

    Spam filters are supposed to take care of unsolicited E-Mail and they save us lots and lots of time each day. But what about all that stuff from inside your organization that is only loosely relevant to your work or not at all? Crowded inboxes use up time and energy …

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  3. Release Management in Open Source Projects

    During my work in open source projects, I observed several ways of dealing with software releases, ranging from chaos up to well-defined release processes.

    In this article, I'm going to describe two common patterns of dealing with releases from a technical perspective. This article has been written with subversion in …

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