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Deploying to Tomcat From Maven Builds

It’s quite common to deploy web applications from a nightly continuous integration job to a testing server. In my case, I want to deploy a Java web application to a remote Tomcat server from a Maven build. Enter Cargo, a … Continue reading

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JUnit: Using External Resources

Many integration test cases need access to external resources like files or databases. Dealing with external resources is always messy because you have to set up state and tear it down later. Since JUnit 4.7, there’s a mechanism that makes … Continue reading

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Java: Finding Package Cycles

JDepend is a tool for detecting cycles between your Java packages. It is often used from a Maven plugin to generate reports for the project’s Maven site. In most teams, however, people only look at these reports from time to … Continue reading

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A Maven Archetype for Hadoop Jobs

In my last article I showed how to build a Hadoop job that contains all its dependencies. To make things even easier, I created a Maven archetype that turns project setup into a simple 30 second process.

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Maven: Building a Self-Contained Hadoop Job

Non-trivial Hadoop jobs usually have dependencies that go beyond those provided by the Hadoop runtime environment. That means, if your job needs additional libraries you have to make sure they are on Hadoop’s classpath as soon as the job is … Continue reading

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Google Gollections 1.0

The guys at Google took their time, but the much anticipated Google Collections 1.0 have finally been released. I expect this library to change the way we write our Java code (at least it did that to mine), so I … Continue reading

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New Project: JSysTest

I love unit tests and use them whenever possible. But in the end, there’s no substitute for a full scale system test. Only after system testing, you can be sure that everything works as intended. When I was looking for … Continue reading

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Google Collections Reaching 1.0

Exciting news for Java developers: The first 1.0 release candidate of Google Collections has been released. For almost a year I’ve been waiting for this, and now it seems the waiting will soon be over.

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