Maven Archetypes Updated!

Two years ago, I published a Maven archetype for Hadoop that turned out to be quite popular, judging from the comments I received and the access logs on my server. Today I've updated it to use the latest version of Hadoop and to build on Maven 3 without warnings.

Like previously, creating a new Hadoop project works like this:

mvn archetype:generate

Select the Hadoop archetype from the menu, answer a few questions and you're done.

You'll notice that there's a second archetype jar-project-basic which is an improved version of Maven's quickstart archetype. It comes with extended unit testing support (JUnit, Hamcrest, Mockito) and also includes dependencies to Google Guava and slf4j that I use frequently.

Both the hadoop-job-basic and the jar-project-basic archetypes are available on on my Github page. Have fun!