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Writing a Minimal Web Server in Python

Copying files from one host in your home network to another is easy using protocols like NFS or SMB. But if you just want to transfer a couple of files to a friend’s computer in a foreign network, you have … Continue reading

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Controlling Firefox via Command Line

Mozilla-based browsers like Firefox have inherited a useful feature from the good old Netscape Navigator: Controlling a running browser instance via the command line. Using command line options, you can open URLs or files inside your browser window without having … Continue reading

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Controlling Rhythmbox using D-Bus

On GNOME desktops, the D-Bus IPC standard has superseded the CORBA-based approach. Using D-Bus, the operating system can notify the desktop about hardware changes and applications can communicate with each other in a standardized, simple manner. Using signals it is … Continue reading

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Line Editing for the Python Interpreter

The interactive python interpreter is a highly useful tool. When writing python code, I always run it in a terminal to test things and to access the documentation. Unfortunately, the built-in line editing capabilities are limited: There’s no history, tab-completion, … Continue reading

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