1. Rsync Backups For External Disks

    Virtually everybody agrees that backups are a good idea, but few people actually do them. Backup software is often time consuming to set up or just overkill for a single-user system. In this article I'll show how easy it is to build your own backup solution on Linux using rsync …

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  2. Ruby? Scala? Scheme!

    As a programmer you should learn a new programming language once in a while to keep yourself flexible and open to new ideas. After lots of Java coding at work, it was time for me to take a step back and try something new. There were quite a few languages …

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  3. Moving a Linux System

    Recently, I decided to re-partition my hard disk because I needed a larger swap partition. In this article, I'll describe the process of backing up an existing system and restore it somewhere else. I haven't done anything like it in years, so I was up to some smaller surprises that …

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  4. Ubuntu Gutsy Hibernation Troubles

    When I wanted to suspend my notebook today the hibernate button was gone from the menu. Running the /etc/acpi/hibernate.sh shell script as root still worked, but there was no way to get that silly button back.

    My first idea was some kind of configuration trouble, suddenly appearing …

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