1. Managing Docker Container Updates

    When running a Debian/Ubuntu-based server, it's relatively easy to figure out whether updates need to be installed. Tools based on apt work very well in this regard and even offer advanced features like unattended updates. Not so with services running in Docker containers.

    When working with Docker, you typically …

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  2. Converting Images to ASCII Art

    I've been playing with Docker a lot lately. Docker is a tool for creating lightweight virtual environments based on Linux containers. They are extremely useful for running services, but you can also use them for running one-off tasks that you don't want to run on the host system directly. Since …

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  3. Google Music

    My Nexus 4 and 7 devices don't ship with an old school MP3 player anymore. After trying lots and lots of players (all of which I didn't like), I ended up with Google Music, which is pre-installed on all Nexus devices. While its queue handling takes some getting used to …

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  4. Setting Up a SOCKS Proxy Using OpenSSH

    Web browsing on a public Wifi network is a security risk as it's quite simple to capture network traffic. Even if you only connect to SSL-protected sites, people can still find out which web sites you're accessing. Fortunately, there is a quick way to protect your privacy - all you need …

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  5. Your Quick Guide to Promoting Technology

    So you found an awesome new technology and it changed your life. Two weeks in and it feels like you've been taken from stone age to space age. Good for you, but better still if you can help others see the light. Thousands are still hacking away with substandard programming …

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  6. Building a Web-Based Java API Search

    From time to time I play with web technologies to keep up with recent developments. While I know my network protocols pretty well, I'm not a frontend developer so I'm pretty useless when it comes to JavaScript or CSS. I believe in learning by doing, so I decided to build …

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