So Much for 2010

2010 is over and almost forgotten already and my blog has been running for four years now. Like in previous years, I haven’t been posting much, but pretty regularly. The helpful people from WordPress sent me an email with some statistics I’d like to share.

This blog has seen 31,000 page impressions in 2010, with lots of traffic coming from older HOWTO-style articles. Every other website I’ve been working on gets more page impressions in an hour, but I think it’s OK for a personal blog with monthly postings.

Here are last year’s most read articles (don’t get used to the fancy formatting, I got that from the statistics mail):


Software Developers: You Need Computer Science Education! August 2010


Generating DDL Scripts from JPA Annotations with Maven April 2008


Parsing Command Line Options in Shell Scripts August 2007


Reverting a Commit in Subversion May 2008


Generating DDL Scripts with Maven June 2007

For the first time ever, my favorite posting has also been the most successful one. It wasn’t exactly flame bait, but I think many people like to read controversial stuff. My Maven postings are still going strong, which tells me that people are still struggling with Java EE and Maven. I’ll chalk that up to unnecessary complexity there.

I’ve still got things I’d like to try next year. Perhaps a book review here and there, I’ve got dozens of great technical books that I could write about. I’ve also read up on software design lately that could lead to a nice survey article, one that would have saved myself lots of time.

But anyway, let’s see how things turn out. Thank you for reading and commenting, and have a good, successful 2011!

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