Top Articles in 2008

2008 is done and over with. Before moving on I’ll follow David’s example and post my most popular articles in terms of page views.

Here they are:

  1. The State of Java Build Systems
  2. Generating DDL Scripts with Maven
  3. Generating DDL Scripts from JPA Annotations
  4. Parsing Command Line Options in Shell Scripts
  5. Controlling Rhythmbox using D-Bus

What’s interesting here is that most of them are HOWTO style articles that got their traffic via search engines and from a few high profile referring sites. The top article is an exception: it’s a rant about build systems for Java that obviously struck a nerve. People submitted it to Reddit and DZone multiple times. It’s a bit sad though that none of my own favorites made it into top 5.

Anyway, this concludes my second year as a blogger. It’s been fun and there’s still a lot of topics I’d like to cover. Thank you for reading and have a happy new year!

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2 Responses to Top Articles in 2008

  1. David Linsin says:

    Happy New Year and keep it up!

  2. mafr says:

    Thanks, same to you! I wish I was as productive as you :)

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