Quick Java Project Setup Using Maven

Java projects, especially when it comes to web or EJB applications, tend to get pretty complex. Setting up such a project is a non-trivial task because of the many conventions you have to follow to make your application deployable. The maven project management tool provides a mechanism to setup a project quickly using its archetype concept.

An archetype is a template which creates a skeleton project for you that already knows which dependencies to download and how to build a deployable package. All you have to do is to adjust the maven configuration file (pom.xml) to your needs and fill in code.

When I wanted to play with Seam, all I had to do was to locate a proper archetype and run the following command (all on one line):

mvn archetype:create 

A directory Seam-Demo is created which contains a skeleton project. You can create a deployable WAR-File from it using mvn package.

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